Impressions on Regional Studies Association Conference 2013, Tampere

RSA conference held last week in Tampere, Finland was my first international conference experience, and a quite nice one. Cluster life-cycle was trending with its five sections held, and being interested in evolutionary economic geography, I paid attention to the regional resilience discourse as well. I was involved in the “Well-being and Place” section and round table discussion through my thesis consultant, Zoltán Bajmócy. Our joint work was on regional innovation performance evaluated from the viewpoint of Amartya Sen’s capability approach. Overall, a vivid discussion formed in the section around the topic of well-being and how it can contribute to regional science. We agreed that ethical arguments should be included in the analysis of regional economic performance, and that the “well-being community” should form a collaborative network to convey its messages to the wider regional scientific community.

The editorial team of Regional Insights organized an interesting panel on presentation skills for early career researchers, following the good practice established by last years panel on publishing. My take on the main message of this panel is that the key to a successful presentation is to find the most appropriate storyline to deliver your contribution to an ongoing debate to the audience.

The city-core of Tampere was pleasant with its red-bricked industrial buildings regaining urban functions as offices, theatres and taverns. You could find pine forests and lakes with a mere ten minute walk, which were a nice destination for an afternoon trip. I must also note that the tap water in Tampere was really delicious – I was told it is very good in Finland in general.

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